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                                              Buggy Update

The 2012 volkswagen year book is now available to buy from and screamin-demons can be found in the club section and there will also be an article on our Prowler! Buy your copy now!


Edge automotive Interiors have now added the re-trim of our Prowler seats to their website for everyone to view...check it out!




                                          Volksworld Feature!

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On the Prowl - The new buggy feature in Volksworlds 'readers rides.' (page 32) Hope you like, let us know what you think and hopefully you will see a full feature soon enough...once we add a few more mod's!!




                                             Buggy Feature

Volksdriver have been kind enough to contact the screamin-demons regarding our Prowler buggy...after taking a liking to it they wanted it featured on their website. Check out the article now at!!


                                  WARNING for Guests/Members

Hello Guests/Members of this website, just a notice to bring to everyones attention that recently spam messages that contain offensive words and information have been posted on our sites guestbook page. To Warn anybody who does this it is not tolerated, it is reported as 'SPAM' and removed from the site...If it is repeated by the same individual then legal action will be taken.

As it stands it is not a member of the club only visitors of the club site. However, it should be strongly noted that any member found to post any offensive messages on any part of the website will be reported and removed from the site with immediate effect!

We would like all Guests and members to enjoy the club site and make the most of it, please continue to respect it and make correct use of it!


The Screamin-Demons Team