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                How To Register Your VW Buggy (United Kingdom)


How to register your VW Beach Buggy properly and legally is a frequent question that appears in many VW forums. There have been various answers and suggestions however, none of them are 100% correct.

Having actually done it Screamin-demons have the answer for you. This way of registering your buggy is the procedure the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) expect you to follow.


Short Wheel Base Buggies - SWB

1. When you buy your chassis for your buggy project you should always make sure it comes with the V5 (V5C) document also known as The Log Book. This document will contain all the information of the vehicle (in this case a VW Beetle).

2. Due to the modification of the body, shortening of the chassis, engine and colour etc this all has to be reported to the DVLA. You simply fill in the changes in the V5 (section 7), sign and date it then send it off to the DVLA.

3. Next you will receive a letter from the DVLA informing you that your details have been sent to your local DVLA office.

4. Your Local DVLA office will Send you another letter informing you that they have your detials, this will include a modifications/vehicle changes document. You need to fill this in and include photos of the modifications and send back to your local DVLA office.

5.Due to the mod's you have made the DVLA will need to send out a vehicle inspector to look over the buggy

6. If the inspector is happy with the vehicle he will then inform you that you need to have an SVA/IVA Test (single vehicle approval/individual vehicle approval). This is a process that allows them to confirm that the structure of the vehicle is safe and all the other modifications are at a road worthy standard.

HINT: If you put the Buggy through an MOT  before the SVA/IVA it should go through easily enough as an MOT is a road worthy certification, to an extent...hence why it will need approval (SVA/IVA)

Note: As your buggy has had the chassis shortened and the body has been changed it is classed as a "new vehicle" which will mean your SWB will not be classed as a historic vehicle preventing you from having it Road Tax Free. If you have a Long wheel base buggy (LWB) you can still declare it road tax free as the chassis has not been modified.

It will also be given another registration number using an old registration, despite it being classed as a "new vehicle" we know this part does not really make sense however, it is how they do things. You will then receive a completely new V5 document, your buggy will be classed as a kit car and the document will have no relation to the Old previous Beetle as it is now a new vehicle.

Apply for your 6-12 month tax disc then you now have a completely legal road worthy Buggy knowing that everything has gone through the correct system/procedures.

Note: If you only use 3 months of the road tax and declare it SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) you will receive a tax refund if applied for (ask at your local post office). This is handy to know if you do not drive your buggy over the winter when it is in storage.

Figure 1: Below is the V5 document, recognised by it blue cover.

Figure 2: Section 7 of the V5 document (changes to current vehicle)


Go through all the correct procedures, don't try and cheat the system!